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About Healing Rhyyithm

Mission , Vision & Values


Our mission is that everyone gets process-oriented personalized services and mental health support they need.We aim to provide services which are accessible, culturally competent, holistic and wellness focused. We believe that each of us can discover our own unique language by expressing through art, and find inherent joy in the process of being in harmony with oneself and with the environment. their inner self and to set everything in and around them follow a rhythm.


We envision to promote improved mental health well-being for all individuals through therapeutic interventions, education, support and advocacy. We strive for people’s awareness of their own mind-body connection, achieve mental wellness and express themselves with ease through dance, art, music and drama in safe space.


  • Care and compassion towards the individual and community we serve.
  • Respect for everyone’s unique path towards their own healing.
  • Facilitate sessions and programs which offer solutions to the individual needs and help them achieve optimum levels of wellness.
  • To work as a community of clients, peers, and professionals through trust, teamwork and mutual support.
  • To operate from a no gender-bias viewpoint and offer services across the age and gender spectrum.
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sessions and workshops

Individual Therapy

Get started with the basics and consultations.

Inclusive Group Therapy

Dive deeper into the DMT incl. the basics and consultations.

Therapy for Corporates

Dive deeper into the DMT incl. the basics and consultations.

Therapy for Youth

Dive deeper into the DMT incl. the basics and consultations.

Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Dive deeper into the DMT incl. the basics and consultations.


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Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 6pm
Sunday By Appointment only




Benefits & Outcomes



Angira Chakravorty, Founder & Director of Healing Rhyyithm

A mind and movement integrator

Flow Facilitator

A degree in M.Sc(tech) in Bioinformatics, a stable job in an international school, a decade-long experience as an Indian classical dancer with a number of accolades weren’t enough to keep Angira Chakravorty Dasgupta happy in life. Her real passion lied in her zeal to reach out to people and help them through the healing powers of movement. So was born “Healing Rhyyithm”–a realization that rhythm is the core essence of happiness in life. Angira uses multidimensional and unconventional approaches of the body-mind techniques such as Dance Movement Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to integrate mind and movement.

She dives deeper into human psychology with her Dance Movement Therapy initiative – Healing Rhyyithm. Angira believes in the power of Empathy. She strives to provide a compassionate and safe environment for her participants and provides personal attention to each individual participating in Group Therapeutic Work. Through her initiative“ Healing Rhyyithm “ Angira exudes the confidence and joy of being in harmony with oneself and with the environment.


from the blog

Mind your Body. Body your Mind.

In Bessel Van Der Kolk’s powerful and compelling narrative on trauma studies ‘The Body Keep the Score’ he writes about

Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe.

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Mind your Body. Body your Mind.


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clients say

If you speak to her once, you know you have come to the right place. Angira is amazing with her counselling. The words, the self belief, the solutions she places in front of you, you know you are picking up advises which you can easily relate to. Her movements, your moments – During a session gives a more realistic vibe to the whole counselling process. You can speak openly and for those few hours you will feel you are speaking to a friend who is also a brilliant adviser.
Highly recommended.

Mr.krishnendu biswas

Healing rhyyithm is founded and lead by Angira, a trained Dance Movement Therapist and she has a heart unlike all. She truly understands and listens to people and help them in healing process with utmose ease and confidence. Its wonderful to see such and effort taken for the betterment of people. its just not the workshops were you lean but things though in it help you outside of it too. Must must recommend if you wanna feel one with yourself and take a chance at understanding your own body

Mr.Ravi Thakker

Sometimes life brings you to a stage where you feel lost, confused, stressed and scared about your own personal problems and don’t know how to deal with such issues. That’s when we search for people who can help and support us. That is exactly what I have been going through and I was blessed to have Angira di beside me. Speaking to her for the first time was cherishing and I was filled with positiveness and immense hope, which I believe is the most important thing someone needs at this stage of life. My experience from the therapy and the few sessions that I had with her have been extremely fruitful. I would highly suggest anyone who have been facing any sort of personal issues to consult her, and it is going to be a positive change in your life for sure ! 🙂

Mr.Akash Chakravarty

I attended a Healing Rhyyithm session some days ago and it was an engaging session for my body and mind to calm down and move freely without any stress and just be myself.
Angira is a wonderful Dance Movement Therapist who leads the session in a fun way without having any rules of movement. By the end you will feel relaxed and untangled from all the worries and will open up to a positive and motivated perceptive towards your daily life.

Mr. Jude Martin

I would always recommend everyone to take the services as it will give you a new perspective to explore and think positively.

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