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Expressive Arts Therapy

Healing Rhyyithm was born in the year 2015 with the objective to provide a non-discriminatory therapeutic space for people across all socio-economic cultural spectrums. It was our founder’s realization that ‘rhythm’ is the core essence of happiness in life, with the intention to explore the human potential of self-expression through the arts. It was the vision of our founder to enable people become more aware of their bodies while practicing mindfulness. Our team of trained facilitators aim to enhance the emotional and mental well-being of individuals through the expressive arts using eclectic tools and techniques. At Healing Rhyyithm our attempt is to facilitate programs and sessions to help people attune with the ‘rhythm’ of life.

There’s mind, and there’s the body. A “rhythm” is required to maintain happy coordination between the two. At “Healing Rhyyithm” our core attempt is to help people attune with this rhythm of life. By improving their mind-body coordination, concentration, body image, and self-image, just to name a few. Based on the relation between dance movement and therapy, Healing Rhyyithm helps participants develop “rhythm” as an integral part of their everyday life.

Safe, Non-judgemental environment

Affordable therapy options

Trained and experienced facilitators

Qualified Facilitators

Tanvi Bajaj

A Laban Movement Analyst, Educator, and Dance Therapy Practitioner with 10 years of experience working with adults and children in schools, corporates.

Angira Chakravorty Dasgupta

An expressive arts therapist and Master NLP facilitator Angira focuses on the mind-body connection to experience wholeness and integration.


Poonam Tewari Jalan

A Thoughts Sculptor, behaviour analyst, therapist and counselor, Poonam employs creative solutions to problems, in the field of human behaviour