What we do is Magical

There are various stages or levels of magical progression.

A person bereft of magic is called a ‘mundane’. This is before (s)he encounters Healing Rhyyithm.

When they come to us, they are discontent with the status quo and want to create changes. A person who is actively seeking magic without any direction is at the level of what we call a ‘neophyte’.

Once they have experienced the magic and accepted that it exists, and can be learnt and used they reach the level of an ‘initiate’ – someone who is already on the path.

The third level of working with us is that of an ‘adept’ – someone who can perform magic easily.

Neophyte – Beginner’s program

A programme designed for the person/group who are seeking change and are open to create magic.

Pre-requisite: No prior movement experience is required to join this programme.

Who can join: Age group(4-11years) (13-18years) (18 years and above).

Gender: All

What you’ll learn from this course

  • Somatic Expression: Learning simple movements to enable the body to be able to express what was being repressed for so long.
  • Somatic Awareness: Tapping into the awareness our bodies carry and develop the ability to listen to our bodies.
  • Somatic Interpretation: Learning to develop the mind’s ear to listen to the subtle differences of body-talk.
  • Somatic Connection: Learn the ability to connect with various parts of your body and be aware of what you are blocking.
  • Range of Movement: Discover the likes and dislikes, comforts and discomforts at the body level and expand the range of motion and comfort.
  • Signature movement: Acknowledge your signature movement – something that you have naturally developed to soothe yourself and provide temporary relief.
  • Somatic Destressing: use all the knowledge the body has gained in the previous modules to release stress from the body.

Initiate – Intermediate Program

A programme designed for the person or group who is/are already on the journey of moving, exploring and discovering.

Pre-Requisite: Anyone who is a Mover can join this programme.
Who can join: Age group(4-11years) (13-18years) (18years and above).
Gender: All

What you’ll learn from this course

  • Somatic Breathing: Becoming aware of each body parts and breathe through each part of the body
  • The Buddha Walk: Slowing Down your body to calm down the mind.
  • Temporal Fixing: The Art of bringing the mind from either the past or the future to the present.
  • Unbound to Flow: Learning and exploring how to remove knots created due to suppressed energy so that your body can naturally flow.
  • Unsuppressed Emotions: Learning to allow the suppressed emotions to flow through movements thereby regaining body dynamism.
  • Flow Personality: Each person is unique and so are his/her movements. Understand your movement personality and learn to recognise others so that your nonverbal communication becomes effective.

Adept – Advanced Program

A programme designed for a person/group who practice the magic of somatic work and are ready to explore the unconscious. Ideally for someone who has explored programmes Neophyte and Initiate.

Pre-Requisite: Anyone who is a Mover can join this programme.
Who can join: Age group (4-11years) (13-18years) (18years and above).
Gender: All

What you’ll learn from this course

  • Somatic Freedom :Discover psychosomatic entrapments and free yourself.
  • Stillness through movement : Move the body like a monkey to still the monkey mind .
  • Somatic Intelligence: Allow the body to flow and guide, access inner body wisdom.
  • Polar Exploration: There are no binaries in life. Binaries are for computers. But everything we see, feel, taste and experience exist in contrasts. Explore polarities to find balance.