special group therapy


beginner to advanced

Healing Rhyyithm expertises in conducting group sessions of various population to promote social skills, improve co-ordination between individuals, develop community behaviour and sharpen connectivity capabilities between one another.


for under privileged

Children, adolescents and youth from marginalized and underprivileged groups, face challenges on a day to day basis. As they progress in life they face inhibition, anxiety, negative body image and communication barriers.

Integrated movement therapy along with NLP tools work wonders

  • In boosting confidence.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Develop positive body image.
  • Grow leadership skills
  • Bring clarity in mind.
  • Bringing flow in the body results in effortless expression of the emotions which naturally improves communication.

Moving to rhythm is a great way to feel invigorated for a person of any age. Movement therapy gives the elderly good cheer and emotional comfort while removing the tiredness of an old body and mind.


for parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is mainly recognized by its progressive motor symptoms including tremor, muscle rigidity, and impaired gait and balance, contributing to an increased number of falls. Several non-motor symptoms are also experienced by patients, including cognitive impairment, fatigue, mood disorders, and sleep disturbances, all of which can be disabling and lead to a significant decrease in quality of life.

Healing Rhyyithm with its mind-body interventions

  • Addresses motor and non-motor symptoms.

The sessions focus on

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Gait

  • Mobility

  • Addresses depression, anxiety, fatigue, lack of motivation.

If you are a parent, teacher, nurse, therapists, counselors, doctors, special educators, or physiotherapist- you are a Care Giver


for special needs

The need for rhythmical movement and expressing oneself through dance is inherent to every human being. The creative process of engaging the child with the dance/movement therapy helps children with special needs to handle the excess energy or address unexpressed emotions that are often held within the bodies.

  • Provides a platform of expression.
  • It helps improve concentration.
  • It helps with body awareness and general motor skills.
  • Helps the child to create a better image of himself or herself.
  • Improves the cognitive aspect of child’s development.
  • Movements help in developing self-control.

The personal care of counselling provides a space of trust. This enables the youth to open up and deal with their emotions in a safe space.

drum circles

It’s a noisy and fun , family friendly event where people come together with the spirit of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music.
Rhythm is a universal language known to everyone. So everyone and anyone is welcome in the circle – people from musical background to non-musical background.

It is an event where rhythm is used as a tool for achieving unity. In a very interactive way rhythm puts all who participates on a equal footing.

  • Helps in emotional release and healing.
  • Builds co-operation and collaboration which are the basic glue to a community.

  • Brings feeling of safety ,equality and togetherness.

When a group of people in a circle create rhythm together they create a sense of well-being and spread vibes of positivity.